Promote Safer Boating

Advisory Boat Check is a new service availble to policy holders of Yachtsman. The service is designed to promote safer boating and to help clients get the most from the use of their boat.

Our boat check service will help you discover potenial maintanence issues before they may become a problem, and bring to an end your boating season or a possibly a claim under your insurance. Our boat check service is not a substitute however for regular maintenance checks by qualified experts and a professional survey.

Conducted by one of our trained staff, our Advisory Boat Check takes place onboard your own boat. You simply set the time and we tailor our visit to your boat. A face-to-face meeting gives us and you a better undersatanding of any protenial problems so that they can be addressed at the next service interval.

Benefits of an Advisory Boat Check

• INDEPENDENT CHECK - Get a completely independent safety check for your boat.

• INSURANCE COVER  - As a client of Yachtsman, the Advisory Boat Check can often be accepted to assess the condition of your boat for the purposes of Marine Insurance, instead of a full marine survey report.

• SAFETY & SATISFACTION  - Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your boat has been fully checked and is now ready for the season.


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